Rava Kesari is a sweet dish made of rava.  This is a sweet which can be prepared easily within a short time.   


Rava - 1 small cup
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 2.5 cups
Ghee  -  3 to 4 tbl spoons

Cashew nuts - 5 to 6
Dry grapes   - Few
Cardamom (Powdered) - 3 or 4


    Take a shallow pan.  Roast the rava in 1 table spoon of ghee.  Roast till it gives out a nice aroma.  Add water.  Stir a little, close with a lid and let it boil for sometime. Open and add sugar.  Mix and add orange food colour.  

    Take a small pan.  Fry cashews and dry grapes in a tbl spoon of ghee.  When it turns golden brown, add to kesari.  Finally add powdered cardamom.  

    Tasty RAVA KESARI is ready... :) 


    You can add yellow food colour instead of orange and add pine apple pieces for preparing pineapple kesari.