मैंगो मिल्क शेक (आम का मिल्क शेक)

     Mangoes are available in plenty during summer.  Make the best use of this seasonal fruit which is full of vitamins.  Ripe mangoes can be consumed as it is. It can also be crushed and diluted by adding water and made juice. Adding milk to it makes it even more nutritious, healthier and tastier.

Mango Milkshake recipe video link -


1 cup Ripe Mango(cubbed)

1 cup Milk(Chilled)

2 sps sugar

1/4th cup water or Ice cubes

Nuts to garnish


1. In a blender, add 1 cup           

    ripe mango(cubbed),  2 sps sugar and 1 

    cup chilled milk.  

2. Blend to a smooth consistency.

3. Add water or ice cubes if required.

4. You can also add a scoop of vannila 

    or mango ice cream.

5. Your dellicious Mango Milkshake is ready.

6. Garnish with nuts on top.