Jowar is a millet, which is also called as Bajra in hindi and Kambu in Tamil.  It is full of protein and a very healthy substitute for rice.  It is also tastier than any other millet.  We get Jowar powder in almost all departmental shops.  With Jowar powder you can make a quick, easy and healthy breakfast within no time.  Here is a Jowar Dosa recipe, which is very easy to make, tasty and nutritious too. 



1 cup Jowar flour

½ cup rice flour

1 cup finely chopped Onions

2 green chillies, finely chopped

2 tbsp coriander, finely chopped

Salt to taste

3 cups water


1.  Take a bowl and add 1 cup of jowar flour.

    2.  Add ½ cup of rice flour

    3.  To this add 1 cup finely chopped onions

    4.  Add finely chopped green chillies

    5.  Add finely chopped coriander

    6.  Add salt to taste

    7.  Add water and mix well

    8.  Batter should be in watery consistency    

    9.  Jowar dosa batter is ready   

  10.  Make crispy and tasty dosas

  11.  Jowar dosa is very nutricious and good for health