Cauliflower  -  1 Big size (slit into flowerets)

Corn flour    -  1 cup

Maida           -   1/2 cup

Rice flour      -  2 tbl spns

Chilli powder - 2 tspns

Salt                  - To taste

Ginger garlilc paste - 1 tblspn

Food colour(red)      - 1 pinch


1) Soak cauliflower in hot water with salt.  Drain the water after sometime and keep it aside.

2) Take a large vessel.  Put corn flour, Maida, rice flour, chilli powder, salt, food colour and ginger garlic paste.

3) Mix well and add cauliflower to it.  

4) Now gently toss the contents in the vessel till the cauliflower is fully coated with the dry mixture.

5) Deep fry.

6) Gobi 65 is ready...!