• MARGAZHI 2015 - 01

MARGAZHI 2015 - 01

     A distinct feature of Margazhi is the bhajan groups that traverse streets, where house fronts look sparkling with freshly drawn KOLAM, at the centre of which stands a bright yellow pumpkin flower. 
    Dhanur Masa or Margazhi derives its name from the star Mrigashirsha and is associated with devotional spirit. Sanctums in temples open at pre-dawn hours.
     Kolam is one of the most predominant cultures of Chennai people.  In the month of the Margazhi we can see people drawing Kolams in front of their house.  There are many varieties of Kolam that attracts the people.  When we speak about the Margazhi month there are also Kolam competitions in Chennai conducted for the women folk.  The kolam designs that are drawn in the margazhi month are very attractive such that people also use colours to add more beauty to the kolam.